We Heart This City Mini Home Makeover 2017

On September 8-9 we completed our Mini Home Makeover on a local family's home. Check out ebw.tv's report.

We Heart This City partnered with Cross Current Church, Jimmy's Frozen Custard and Women's Life Insurance in May of 2017 to raise funds for a Mini Home Makeover this fall.


We Heart This City will provide for one $1500 mini home makeover to be completed in September of 2017 in our county. The application process will be open through 8/1/2017.Check the application for details!

Mini Home Makeover 2017 Application

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the application

Visit facebook.com/weheartthiscity

To see more of our home makeovers and other community projects.

Check out one of our home makeovers in the city of Port Huron!

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