Who we are

We Heart This City is a non-profit organization located in Port Huron, Michigan. We began in 2010 with our goal and mission of ‘being the difference we want to see’.  Our focus is connecting with individuals, businesses, churches and other non-profit organizations to work together to bring change - whether that be financially, spiritually, emotionally or relationally. Our desire is to help people of all ages by bringing hope to people who are hopeless, giving back to people in need, and serving within our communities. 

Basically, we are loving people loudly. 

What we do

Throughout the year, We Heart This City difference makers are gettin’ it done!  

We host: Free food giveaways, mini home makeovers for families who are in need (ie. porch repairs, roofs, landscaping, side walks, painting, etc.)  Support youth mission trips and kids summer programs, we serve with other local organizations at SC4’s Community Resource Fair, and every Thanksgiving we host Project 200 - where we deliver a full turkey meal to 200 families in need. Many more opportunities are in the works and will be posted as we receive confirmation.  

Difference Maker Core Values

Live it-  Changing our city starts with us.  Become a change agent today by showing some love to your city.  We’re not here to just talk it, but doing our best to walk it out.  The truth is that we should want to take pride in our city because it's OURS.  Join the Weheartthiscity movement as we are on purpose living, giving, serving, and loving loudly- with no strings attached!

Give itBe a difference maker in practical ways. Every person has something to give. You may not have the money, but you do have time, hands, feet and maybe some other  resources that can be used to help others.  What would our city be like if more people would give with ‘no strings attached’?  We Heart This City offers several opportunities throughout the year to connect with other difference makers and give back. Click here for more info.

Speak itOur words carry weight and have the power to change environments by adding value to one another and our city. Negativity is cheap and easy to find, but we at Weheartthiscity, are excited about changing that.  We want to highlight and make it easier to find the positive.  Listen, we only speak so many words a day, so let’s use them to speak words of encouragement, hope, faith, and life over our city, its leadership, our businesses, families, and even ourselves every day.